All campers will need reservations until further notice! There will be no drop in and pick out a site service. 

Our restrooms and showers will be CLOSED.
We will provide ADA portable toilets for those that do not have a self contained rigs. We ask if you have a self contained rig, to please use your own facilities.

Click Here to Reserve Site

You can now make reservations up to a year (and a couple weeks) in advance for our park. Please note that we have no same day reservations (or availability, we cannot see the park from the office) , but you can make reservations two days in-advance of your stay. We have a $10 reservation fee, this just covers our costs for the reservation charge, tax and credit card processing fees.

You are required to stay two days during weekends/events/concerts and three days during holidays

The process is simple, enter the dates and length of rig you have, a map will pop up with the availability, click on the site you would like and continue thru the process. If all the sites are red and it says “No Sites Available” it really means we are sold out. If you would like multiple sites or dates, after you select first site, just click on an additional site or enter an additional date and add to the list. Extra vehicles (does not include tow vehicles), extra tents and boat parking are add-on’s, or you may pay at our pay station when you arrive. If you are with a group, the best way we have found is to email your group the site, and the area and dates you wish to stay. They can then go and pick and pay for their own site. If you are from outside the US/Canada, you can still use our system to make your reservation, just use our address (89 Maryhill Hwy, Goldendale WA 98620) as your mailing address to make the reservation, it will not accept your postal codes. You will receive a confirmation email after you are done with the process. 


NEW Cancellation Policies:

In order to allow for maximum use of our parks facilities, cancellation fees are set to encourage our campers to make any cancellations as soon as possible so that others may reserve and use the unoccupied sites. The reservation fee and cancellation fee are nonrefundable. Please call or email to cancel or modify your reservation.

When cancelling reservations be aware of the following:

  • If you cancel 14 DAYS OR MORE in advance you will be charged a $10 CANCELLATION FEE.
  • If you cancel LESS THAN 14 days in advance you will be charged ONE NIGHT’S STAY.
  • If you cancel LESS THAN 48 hours in advance you will receive NO REFUND.
  • NO SHOWS – Your reservation will be considered a no-show if you have not arrived by 1pm the day following your scheduled arrival day and you didn’t cancel or contact us. There is NO REFUND in a no-show situation.
  • Once you have arrived, if you reduce your stay you will be charged for 50% of the cost of all cancelled nights.

MONTHLY STAYS: We do have monthly rates, however we are not a residential park, please call to find out availability.

NEW THIS YEAR ALL SITES HAVE WATER AND ELECTRICITY. (We are modifying our map, no more pink.)

Peach Beach Campground RV Park Map